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  • As passionate about aviation as we are about insuring it.

    Passion…this is the word that best describes LL Johns & Associates. In 1971, we founded the company on the passionate belief that by focusing on the niche of aviation insurance we could provide exceptional service from highly trained professionals for pilots, aircraft owners, flight department managers or corporate risk managers. We are also passionate about operating our company based on Biblical principles. This commitment to honesty and integrity is in everything we do and it has integrated into the values that are the core of our business.

    Integrity Always
    This is truly the foundation of both our personal and business lives, from the owners to the LL Johns staff.

    Others First
    We believe that if we place the interests of our clients and business associates first, we will achieve long-term success.

    Honor Commitments
    If we make a commitment we keep it…from the simple promise to return a phone call to negotiating insurance contracts and finding the best coverage.

    Dedication to Excellence
    Our definition of service is to be available, flexible and reliable…
    Available…we are available 24/7 via email, website or mobile phones.
    Flexible…we will listen and then find a solution.
    Reliable…we will follow through from the simplest commitment to the most complex.