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  • Fixed Base Operators
    insurance solutions

    We understand the complexities of airport owners insurance and have developed solutions to assure you have the proper coverage.

    Tailored programs
    In many cases, standard coverage may not address your potential exposures, such as mobile equipment, incidental premises, partial repairs, and hangarkeepers. The LL Johns Needs Analysis allows us to identify these areas and tailor a program to meet your unique needs.

    Access to the market
    We represent all the leading markets. Our expertise will help guide you through the decision-making process, including policy language, claims handling, and underwriting service to help you make the best choice.

    Business expansion
    While growth in business is welcome, it can affect your insurance with unexpected costs or lack of proper coverage. We conduct on-going needs analysis to provide proactive planning for budgetary purposes and to assure you have the coverage you need as your business grows.

    Contractual navigation
    Understanding contractual requirements can be confusing, time-consuming and risky. We’ll review contracts and establish communication with third parties, such as suppliers, regulatory authorities and customers to determine the appropriate coverage. Once determined, we will coordinate coverage with the underwriter and issue necessary certificates.

    Claims navigation
    When a claim does occur, you can count on us. We will educate you about the claim process, monitor it…and never abandon you or your claim. If there is a gray area, we will research the policy language and common industry practices to assist in a satisfactory resolution.