New at LLJohns – Automatic Policy Renewal

31. January, 2018 • 0 Comments

Automatic Renewal of my Policy? How Convenient!

Some time ago a good friend and client said to me, “Steve, why is it so complicated to renew my aviation policy every year?   My business and auto policies are so much easier!”   His comment made me think and prompted me to spend some time evaluating our process. Beginning now, we will provide the same great product and service you expect, but with a much more convenient way to renew.

We will now AUTOMATICALLY renew qualified accounts by sending you an Insurance Summary and invoice 30 days prior to renewal of your aviation insurance policy.  All you need to do is review the summary for accuracy, and send your payment by the due date to confirm your acceptance.

Unless there is a significant change in your circumstances or in the underwriter’s appetite, we rarely recommend moving your policy to a new insurance company for a small premium savings.  We know there is great value in building history and longevity with a single insurance company.  We have seen this loyalty pay in spades many times when claims are adjusted or when you need a special concession from the insurance company.

What we will do….
Well in advance of your policy renewal, our team will review your account to determine if there is a need to consider a new insurance company.   Unless there has been a change in the underwriter’s competitiveness or capabilities, we will AUTOMATICALLY renew most light piston aircraft policies and airport liability policies.

What you need to do…
We still need you to complete and return the Renewal Update. This will give us the information we need to evaluate your program and make appropriate changes. Other than that, all you need to do is return your premium payment by the date indicated on your documents in order to confirm your approval!

Of course…
We’re always just a phone call or an email away!   If you have questions about your policy, or just about the AUTOMATIC renewal process in general, just ask!

Our most sincere thanks for choosing LLJohns to handle your aviation insurance needs.   We count it a privilege!

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